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Star in Your Own Erotic Video to treasure!
 Total cost to you is $75 plus tax.


Guys like this kind of stuff!

If you've ever fantasized about being in an erotic video, now is your chance to make that fantasy come true.

For $75, you can give an erotic video as a Birthday Gift, Valentine's Day gift, Father's Day gift, Anniversary Gift, or Christmas Gift. With or without lingerie.

Whether you want your video to be mildly erotic, or be more adventurous and want to star in either a soft-core or hard-core video - its all up to you. You set all the limits, including who is in it, what you do, and how you will appear.

The cost to you is $75. We do romantic and/or sexy videos for you or for you and your best friend. We can’t put an example of our videos here, so you will have to use your imagination. The studio is located near Saxonburg, PA.

  Video with lingerie

If you would like to make an appointment to come in for a Go-See, I can show an example video. To set up an appointment for a go-see or for a photo shoot, send an email to Bill

We use a high definition Panasonic  camera. With this camera, the video needs to be edited and transferred to a thumb drive for you to play it back. Your television set must accept thumb drive video to play back the edited video.

The studio time limit is two hours.

One popular video is the exotic dancer video. We set up a small stage, and a woman who wants to create a special video for the man in her life performs an exotic dance for the man in her life. The man does not need to be here for the production of this video. But if he wants to be here, you can do a lap dance for his added pleasure.

Stripper video

Another popular video is a skit called "The Maid", where the woman plays the part of a maid that is caught stealing, and has the choice of either cooperating or being turned over to the police. This is a nice skit for a couple.

Just me

Another popular video is a romantic video an individual or a couple. A couch, subdued lighting, feel free to be creative.

Perhaps BDSM is exciting for you. BDSM is Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masocism.


BDSM with punishment

Another video we can do is a woman being interviewed for a part in a porno video. This is not for the meek. This is for a couple who wants something to remember.

Privacy is important, so none of your material leaves the premises except with you.

Ladies: Surprise your boyfriend or husband with a DVD starring his favorite subject - YOU! Imagine his surprise when he sits down to watch a video and discovers that YOU are the STAR in the video. The exotic dancer video works for this. Makes a great gift for any occasion. You know he wants it.

Gentlemen: Show her how much you adore her by making her the STAR of your fantasies. If you wish, you can come along and direct the production. Or, you can participate as an actor in the video production. Now, doesn't that sound like fun?

Multiple copies of your video are available for $10 each, but must be purchased within ninety days of purchasing the original video for $75. After ninety days, all of your material may be deleted, and we cannot make additional copies after that time.

Nudity, Fetish and/or BDSM is OK.

General information

The video should be ready for viewing about a week after the taping.

All materials we use are quality products from reputable manufacturers. Thumb drives are are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for ninety days. The thumb drive in question will be replaced free of charge upon return of the old thumb drive. After ninety days, the original material will be deleted and will no longer be available.

All photos and videos are edited and stored on a computer that is never connected to the internet. A computer that's connected to the internet is susceptible to hacking and intrusion.

There is never a sitting fee. Prices include all costs to the customer except sales tax.

Payment is due when your materials are picked up.

Contact Information

To set up an appointment, or if you have questions or comments about Photography, Videography, or this website, feel free to contact me.

I prefer E-mail:

Telephone: 724-316-2007

Postal address:
  Soft Images, Inc
  326 Edgewood Drive
  Cabot, PA 16023

Prices are effective until December 30, 2017
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