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Near Butler PA

This is the About Bill page,
and this is Bill Moore

I've included this blurb about myself for two reasons. First, customers ask for this information. Second, it may help you to feel more comfortable working with me if you know my background.
QUESTION: How long have you been doing this and is this your full time job or do you have other things you do?
ANSWER. I have been taking photos and developing and printing photos since 1960. Started out in the U.S. Army taking photos with a secret camera disguised as a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes. When the Berlin Wall was constructed by the Russians, the Army assigned me to work in that area. At that time, it was designated as a "War Zone". My regular work took me into East Germany and other Communist countries, and the CIA and The Mission contacted me to take photos for them. I stayed in a hotel, and the US Army rented three rooms and the entire attic and half of the basement and most of the parking lot for my work. Washington, DC wanted the photos to be secure, so they provided me with the equipment to process and print the photos. This was so that no one but me would view the photos. I then turned the resulting prints and other information over to the crypto guys and the crypto guys forwarded the materials to Washington, DC.

Shooting, developing, and printing photos became a part of my life. When I wasn't doing it, I missed it.
After I got out of the Army, I shot families, kids, dogs, cats, and so forth up to the point when Walmart arrived with their 75 prints for 4 dollars. The photo paper cost me more than that.

Since I could not compete with Walmart's prices, I started to specialize in whatever Walmart wouldn't do.
I shot weddings for a while, and there is a lot of money to be made shooting weddings, but found them to be too stressful, and the scheduling interfered with my work on the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood shows and for the National Geographic shows.

I've been shooting women in a glamorous dress, a negligee and so forth for over thirty years.

This has never been a full-time job. I actually have several part-time jobs. I like it better like that.

For about 36 years (1966-2002), I worked on the production crew for the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood show. I worked on the first show, the last show, and most of the ones in between. Mostly recording, shooting and editing.
For about eight years (1972-1980), I worked on the National Geographic wildlife shows, on the very first wildlife shows that National Geographic funded. We had film crews that shot on location (e.g., Siberia, Amazon River, Antarctica, Africa) and brought back the film. I transferred the film to tape and edited the programs. That lasted for about eight years.

For about thirty-five years (1980-2014), I was the President of the Theatrical Stage Employees for the Pittsburgh area. Elected in 1980 and re-elected as Business Agent or President every three years since then. I retired from that position in July of 2014.

My son and I have a stone quarry, and we go there and cut stone (mostly sledgehammers and wedges and a lot of hard hand work). I only do this for three hours a day, but not during the winter because the stone is frozen and does not split properly. Good outdoor exercise.

My son and I buy and sell real estate. We have several houses, and about a dozen pieces of vacant land.
If you have questions, please email them to me at photos@salsgiver.com (I prefer email), or call me at 724-316-2007 and I will try to answer them. Unless you state otherwise, I may include your new question in this document (anonymously).

Wishing you well,
    Bill Moore,
    Soft Images, Inc

To set up an appointment, or if you have questions or comments about Photography, Videography, or this website, feel free to contact me.

Contact Information:

I prefer Email: photos@salsgiver.com
Telephone: 724-316-2007
Postal address:
  Soft Images, Inc
  326 Edgewood Drive
  Cabot, PA 16023

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