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What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photos
Boudoir photography can be romantic, sexy, glamorous, erotic, with lingerie, without lingerie, topless, bottomless, nude, in color or artistic black and white. I'll try to work with you to help you get the "look" that you want.

We value your right to privacy.
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This is the Q & A page. These are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Since you are considering exposing some very personal aspects of your life, I've added this FAQ to the website to try to improve your comfort level. These are actual questions asked by customers.

If you have questions, please email them to me at photos@softimages.org and I'll answer them. And, unless you state otherwise, I may include your new question in this FAQ (anonymously).

If you're interested in an 8x10 photo for $10, then let me know, we can pick a set and take some photos. You pick one, and I'll run it through PhotoShop and print it for you, and it will cost you $10.60.  This makes a nice Father's Day gift, Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Christmas Gift, or Valentine's Day gift.

QUESTION 01: It will take me about an hour to drive to your studio. Is it ok for me to come in and just do a shoot without a go-see?

ANSWER: Of course it's alright to come in and just do a shoot. One of the reasons for a go-see is for you to pick a first set (background) so I can have it set up and lighted when the you arrive. On the Photos page are examples of sets that we can start with. If you pick one, I can have it ready when you arrive.
If you go to the "Portraits" page of this website, and left-click on any one of the thumbnails, you can then right-click on the photo and save it to your computer. From there, you can attach the photo to an email and sent it to me with some text telling me what you would like. Any of the photos on this website can be sent to me in the same manner.

QUESTION 02: Why are there no nude photos on your website?

ANSWER: Any of the photos on the website can be photographed nude if you wish.

I don't post nude photos on the website, and I don't send nude photos to people. However, I can show nude example photos to customers when they come in. All of the photos that I show to customers are of models who are over eighteen and have agreed that I may show their photos.

I have releases from each model to use their photos any way I wish, but I consider it inappropriate to let their nude photos out of my control.

QUESTION 03: I have some photos that I downloaded from the internet that I like. Can you photograph me like this model?

ANSWER: One picture is worth a thousand words. If you have any example photos (from the internet or whatever) that depicts how you would like to appear, and if you email them to me I can usually replicate the photo with you.

If you see a photo on the internet that you like, and can't seem to download it to your computer, then this is how to download it to send a copy to me or to print it. With the photo on your computer screen, save your computer screen to memory by clicking on a keyboard key in the top row of keys on your keyboard labeled "Print Screen" or "PrtScn". Open "Paint" by clicking on the ball at the lower left corner of your computer screen, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Paint. The Paint program should open. Click on Edit, then Paste. The image that you saved in memory should now be on the screen in the Paint application.  Click on File (top left corner of screen), then Save. A dialog box comes up, note the folder where the photo will be saved and its file name. Then click on Save, and the photo will be saved to that folder with that file name.

To send it to me, open your email application, start to write an email to me at photos@salsgiver.com and attach the photo to the email from the folder where you saved it in the above paragraph.

QUESTION 04: What are your hours of operation?

ANSWER: I schedule photo shoots from noon to 8pm seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. However, everything is by appointment.
QUESTION 05: How do I make an appointment?

ANSWER: I prefer email instead of using the phone. Contact me at photos@salsgiver.com or 724-316-2007 to get the ball rolling. I try to answer the phone personally 24/7, because you may not want to leave a message and have me call back at an inconvenient time. Let me know when you are available, and we can set up an appointment.

QUESTION 06: I have to travel a long distance to your studio. Is there any way to reduce the number of trips for a photo shoot (once for a go-see, second for the shoot, third to view the proofs, and fourth to pick up the prints)?

ANSWER: If you are far from me, we can skip the go-see and we can set up an appointment for a photo shoot and you can come in and we can just "wing it". We can do it with two trips. One to do the shoot and one to pick up the prints or DVD. Would you select a "set" that you would like to start with, and email it to me so that I can have it set up when you come in.
Immediately after each shot, you can see that shot on a monitor.
Also, after we finish shooting, you can preview all of the shots from the shoot on a monitor. With a pen and paper, you can list the shots that you like. If you list the shots for me to retouch and print, and what size you would like, then you can just come back and pick them up. Any prints that you don't like can be rejected or I can try again to edit the shot so that the print looks the way you want to look.
If you wish to come in to do a shoot without a go-see, then you should bring with you a photo ID (to establish that you are over eighteen), your hair and makeup stuff, and any clothing you may wish to wear. Even though you may primarily want nude or lingerie shots, it may be nice to have a "dressy" shot (dress or skirt and top with jewelry, heels and so forth), maybe a "sporty" shot with shorts and halter top, and perhaps a "swim suit" shot with a two piece swim suit. Also, a lacy bra with matching panties usually looks good.
After I make the prints that you order, I prefer that you to pick up the prints in person. The reason for not sending the photos to you is that there have been several court cases where the wrong person received a customer's photos. Also, occasionally parcels are delivered to the wrong address.

QUESTION 07: Is there a particular day of the week or time of day that you prefer to take pictures?

ANSWER: Noon to 8pm, seven days a week works out good for me.  I schedule initial meetings and photo shoots by appointment only. An initial meeting (a Go-See) takes about twenty minutes. Photo shoots take about two hours.  I have a flexible schedule and can accommodate your schedule if needed.
QUESTION 08: I want to create a calendar for my husband for a Christmas gift. How much lead time do we need?  

ANSWER: We should schedule the first shoot for a calendar about nine weeks before the day that you want to have the finished calendar. I have busy times and I have slack times, and we want to have your calendar finished before that special day.

QUESTION 09: How much advance notice do you need to schedule the shoot?

ANSWER: Advance notice to schedule a shoot varies greatly. Just call or email me, and we can set up a time. I fit the photography in between my other activities. I prefer an informal meeting (a go-see) with photo and video customers about a week prior to the shoot. An informal meeting allows you to see example prints and what props and so forth that I have, and I can kind of get an idea of what "set" I should have ready for the shoot. However, if you have to travel too far, we can skip the informal meeting and just wing it.

QUESTION 10: I've seen some photos that I really like in a magazine. Can you photograph me like that?

ANSWER: If you can scan the photo and email it to me, that would be helpful. That way I can think about it ahead of time. One picture is worth a thousand words.

QUESTION 11: What if I'm not a model with a perfect body?

ANSWER: Not a problem. Besides using posing and lighting to help you look you best, the photos are run through photo editing software. Blemishes, scars, discolorations, loose skin, and so forth are all correctable in the computer. It's in best interests of both of us to produce photos that are the best that they can be. Since I do not have a "sitting fee", I have to produce photos which the customer will be willing to buy.

QUESTION 12: I feel awkward about coming to someone's house alone. Is it ok to bring a friend along for the initial meeting? And what about bringing along a friend to a shoot?

ANSWER: I would like for you to feel comfortable during your photo or video session. My studio is in my home, and I live alone. You may bring along anyone you wish to the initial meeting and/or to the shoot. If you bring someone along, they must be over 18 and have a photo ID.

QUESTION 13: We would like to know some details of what you studio is like. Your web site indicates that it is in your home. Is it a separate area from your typical living area? We had some pictures taken a number of years ago and the photographer’s wife and young son were at home, actually the son walked in on my wife at one point, it made things a little awkward.

ANSWER: No one can just walk in - the outside doors are locked, and I schedule only one customer at a time. My studio is in my home. I live alone. Actually, my home is more like my base of operations - props are everywhere. The studio and dressing room and and so forth are a part of my home.

QUESTION 14: If I order prints, but after they are printed I decide that I don't like them, what happens then?
ANSWER: No one is obligated to pay for something with which they are not pleased. That is the the reason that there is no "sitting fee". If you don't like the finished product, then leave it here and I will destroy it. Or, we can re-shoot, re-print, re-edit, or do whatever is needed to correct the problem.

QUESTION 15: I see "Fetish OK" in several places on your website. What does that mean?
ANSWER: "Fetish" refers to attention given to an inanimate object, body part, body feature or sexual behavior. While this is not for everyone, there are many people who enjoy this type of harmless activity. Some examples would be photos or videos in leather, or cross-dressing, or while restrained in handcuffs or ropes. And "Fetish OK" is my way of letting these people know that my services are available to them as well.

QUESTION 16: Who wants this type of photo and video, and what do they do with them?

ANSWER: I never ask. However, many people tell me without prompting, so that they can get the results they want. Just a few:
(a) her boyfriend/husband is in the Armed Forces and stationed far away, and he wants a sexy photo of his honey to carry with him next to his heart, or to put up in his living area. It's a reminder to him of who is waiting for him when he comes home.
(b) a woman's mother suggested to her thirty-five year daughter that she document her beauty before it fades.
(c) a woman who was getting married wanted some sexy photos as a wedding gift for her husband.
(d) as a gift to a lover, husband, or boyfriend on a special occasion.
(e) to keep in her dresser drawer to look at when she feels ugly.
(f) in one case, a young married woman knew she only had months to live, and wanted her husband to have some beautiful photos to remember her. She didn't tell me the reason for the photos. Later, after the woman I photographed had passed, a relative told me the reason for the photos. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about her love for him.

QUESTION 17: Are you typically the only person present during the photo shoot? It's ok if not, just want to know what to expect.

ANSWER: No one will be present during a shoot unless the customer brings someone with them, or the customer requests me to have an assistant here with me. If you want me to hire an assistant, then I would like for you to agree to pay an additional $50 to pay the assistant. The assistant will be a woman, unless you ask for a man. If you bring someone along, they must be over 18 and have a photo ID.

QUESTION 18: We're interested in the 13-picture calendar but would also like to have the session video recorded, is this OK with you?

ANSWER: Video taping the session if fine. I use a Panasonic camera and the video will be on a thumb drive. If you just want a thumb drive of the raw video, without any editing, that would cost $20. If you want me to edit it, and make a thumb drive of the edited tape, then it would be $75. Or, you can bring your own video camera and tape it yourself for free. We can set up your camera on a tripod and just let the camera run, or you can bring someone with you along to operate the camera. If you bring someone along, they must be over 18 and have a photo ID.

QUESTION 19: How many individual pictures are taken to choose from to end up with the 13 needed for the calendar?

ANSWER: I work in two hour sessions. In the two hour session, we take fifty to a hundred photos.

QUESTION 20: You mention in your website that models are available to hire.  What are the models typically used for?  Are they ever incorporated or included in the pictures?  This is something we might be interested in pursuing.

ANSWER: By the way, I welcome models to get on my list.

Each model has their own limits. The models do whatever you (the customer) and the model agree to do. I don't "rent" models to my customers. If you want a model to work with you, I will take your contact info and ask what you have in mind. I then take your information, and your proposal, and I contact the models that are currently available. If the model is agreeable, the model will contact you, and you can discuss it with the model. The cost is arranged between you and the model (I do not get a "cut" of the model's money). Yes, some models have agreed to be incorporated into the photos, but that's something that's arranged between the customer and the model.
If the model goes on location, either I go along as an assistant or the model takes a friend with her (i.e., a bodyguard). In that case, there is an extra fee of $25 an hour for the bodyguard.

QUESTION 21: I called the phone number on your web site (724-316-2007), but you did not answer.  Has your business status changed?  I would like to get some information regarding a calendar and possible video.  I have some questions but would like to talk to you on the phone. Would you please provide a current number where you can be contacted and at what time of the day is convenient for you?

ANSWER: My business status hasn't changed in thirty years.  
I've been using cell phones for years, and recently cell phone coverage seems to have improved.

I'm sometimes on the road, and in most areas the cell phone works ok. Unfortunately, my cell phone doesn't work in all areas.  

If you call back, I try to answer every call personally. I am usually available from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please keep in mind that sometimes I just can't answer the phone because I'm working in the studio or on location.

Hopefully, we'll have better luck the next time you call.

If this FAQ does not answer your questions, feel free to ask more questions.
You may email me at photos@salsgiver.com

Wishing you well,
Bill Moore,
Soft Images, Inc

To set up an appointment, or if you have questions or comments about Photography, Videography, or this website, feel free to contact me.

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