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If you would like to be a model, don't wait, just try it.

Contact me at
I enjoy helping people.
I'm located near Butler, PA.

If you only need one 8x10 photo for $10 (or an 8 1/2x11 photo), then let me know, we can pick a set and take some photos. You pick one, and I'll run it through PhotoShop and print it for you, and it will cost you $10.60.

Model shots: 8x10 or 8.5x11 prints are $10 each.

If you want to do some shots and only want them on a CD, they are $5 for each shot on the CD.

I also do TFP and TFCD, to help people get started.

By the way, I'm looking for a model to work with me (for pay) to do some material for my website and to show to customers.

Contact me at if you're interested in working with me. Kindly include a photo, your age, and an hourly rate (for a two hour shoot). If you don't have transportation, and live close by, I can pick you up and take you home.

You don’t have to be a beauty queen. PhotoShop helps us all. I'm particularly looking for a middle-aged woman, but anyone from 18 years old on up may be fine.

Contact Information

To set up an appointment, or if you have questions or comments about Photography, Videography, or this website, feel free to contact me.
I prefer E-mail:

Telephone: 724-316-2007
Postal address:
  Soft Images, Inc
  326 Edgewood Drive
  Cabot, PA 16023
Prices are in effect until December 30, 2017
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