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  Lookin' Good for your Photo Shoot.


If you're interested in an 8x10 photo for $10, then let me know, we can pick a set and take some photos. You pick one, and I'll run it through PhotoShop and print it for you, and it will cost you $10.60.  

Do you wish to come in for a Go-See or would you like to just come in and do a shoot? A Go-See is "come as you are", takes about twenty minutes, and is for you to come in and look around to make you more comfortable when you come in for the shoot. Shoots are usually scheduled for a two hour time period.
A GO-SEE IS FREE AND ITS A GOOD START. I recommend that you make an appointment to stop in for a Go-See so we can discuss your photo session. A twenty minute Go-See allows you to be more relaxed on the day of the actual shoot, and there is no cost to you. You can peruse example prints and examples of various sets amd so forth. We can pick out a set to start the shoot.
IF A GO-SEE IS INCONVENIENT. If you live far away, or its inconvenient for you to come in for a short Go-See visit, then we can just shoot the session cold. If we shoot without a Go-See, then I usually start with what I call the "Teepee" set. Its hanging curtains, red background, white fake fur and a white pillow, as seen as seen in this photo.

Teepee for boudoir

Or if you go to the "Questions" page on this website, the sixth question discusses this.

WHAT TO BRING ALONG? You should bring with you a photo ID (to establish that you are over eighteen), your hair and makeup stuff, and any clothing that you wish to wear. Even though you may primarily want nude or lingerie shots, it may be nice to have a "dressy" shot (dress or skirt and top with jewelry, heels, and so forth), maybe a "sporty" shot with shorts and halter top, and perhaps a "swimsuit" shot in a two piece swim suit. Also, a lacy bra with matching panties usually looks good.
WHAT TO WEAR? I have some lingerie, feather boas, and so forth. Everything I have is laundered between sessions. Total nudity in not a requirement, sometimes it's what you can't see that really makes a good photo. Showing just the side of your breast, or the curve of your hip can be very erotic. Lingerie is nice, but if you prefer, a cloth draped strategically across your naughtiest parts may be appropriate for you. Also, you may want to bring along a dressy outfit (complete with jewelry, heels and so forth) for a full length glamorous photo. Or you may want to bring along a sporty outfit (shorts, top and outdoorsy shoes) for a cute sporty photo.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: The most important part of any photo is the facial expression. Practice your facial expressions in a mirror. Think of different keywords, such as happy, and then make a happy face. Repeat with surprised, pouty, devious, excited, sexy, and other moods. Watch how your face looks when you think of that word and remember which ones are most flattering and sexy on you.
TROWELING ON MAKEUP IS A THING OF THE PAST. Before computers, it was better to trowel on makeup to cover  all the blemishes. Back then, we had to re-touch blemishes with a tiny one-hair brush and a magnifier. I would print a half a dozen prints, and retouch them one at at time, and choose the best print for the customer. Each blemish took several minutes to correct. With computers, I can easily re-touch several blemishes in a second.

I DON'T DO HAIR AND MAKEUP. It's my aim that you look and feel the best you possibly can for your photo session. You are more experienced in applying your own makeup. To make your photo session go more smoothly, please apply your makeup before leaving home for the session. To achieve that natural look in your portrait, apply your makeup as you would if you were going out on a date with your honey. Troweling on makeup is a thing of the past, before we had computers to edit the photos. A little powder reduces the shine on the nose and forehead, especially if you're a little nervious. And, please bring your makeup with you. You may wish to touch up during the shoot.
DON'T BE HUNGRY. You should not be hungry during a shoot. If your photo session is in the morning, be sure to eat a good breakfast. If you're having an afternoon session, eat a light lunch. It takes a lot of energy to do be a model and you don't want to run out of steam before the session is over. If you feel that your stomach is protruding, don't worry, my photo editing software has a tool to tuck it in.

I'M NOT IN A HURRY. And I don't want you to be in a hurry. Don't let time stress you out. It will show in your photographs. I don't schedule appointments butted up against each other. If you come a little early, you will not be meeting the previous customer at my door. If you're running a little late, just give me a call so I don't worry about you - then take your time driving here. When you're in a hurry, stress sets in. The anxiety that you feel because of being rushed will make it difficult to put yourself into the relaxed, romantic mood needed to have a successful boudoir photo session.
BREAK OUTS. If the day of your photo shoot arrives and your skin "breaks out" (nervousness will do that), don't let it stop you. The photo editing software that I use makes blemishes, scars, bumps and so forth disappear.

BRINGING A FRIEND. Can I bring a friend? I have no problem with a friend or family member coming with you. Sometimes its fun for your husband or boyfiend to come along and be the "Director" of the shoot. If you bring someone along, they must be over 18 and have a photo ID.

ON YOUR WAY TO THE SHOOT. What to wear to the shoot? You should come to your session wearing clothing that fits loosely to insure the least amounts of marks on your body. Tight underwear will leave marks on your body. Professional glamour models know this secret and are ready to go without a waiting period.

HAIR STYLE. Consider trying to change your hair style during the shoot. A little change in your hair is very nice from shot to shot.

DURING THE SHOOT, RELAX! Have fun with it, don't be afraid to be a little silly. It's easier to look sexy and happy if you actually feel sexy and happy. Don't worry too much about the outcome during the shoot, play it up for the camera. Normally, only about one in five shots are actually used for anything, so don't worry if you blink or feel awkward. Any shots that don't look good will be edited or discarded. When I worked with National Geographic, the crew shot 5,000 images on a trip to the Amazon, and we used 6 of those images for the production. If we don't wind up with enough good photos for what we want to do, we can schedule a second shoot.

All materials we use are quality products from reputable manufacturers. Photos and thumb drives are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for ninety days. The thumb drive in question will be replaced free of charge upon return of the old thumb drive. After ninety days, your original material may no longer be available.

There is never a sitting fee. Prices include all costs to the customer except sales tax.

Payment is due when the photos or videos are picked up.

Let me know if you wish to set up an appointment to come in for a Go-See or a shoot. To set up an appointment, or if you have questions or comments about Photography, Videography, or this website, feel free to contact me.

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